ViaGold Rare Earth Resources Holdings Limited(formerly known as ViaGOLD Capital Limited, hereinafter referred as the“Company")  engage in rare earth processing and production, education management and leasing. Guangdong Rare Earths Industry Group Co. Ltd, a large scale state-owned company and LingGe Art Foundation are among the major shareholders of the company. At present, the Company is planning to build a service platform for global rare earth supply chain through acquiring various types of mineral projects and cooperation with Guangdong Rare Earths Industry Group Co. Ltd in the areas of integration of rare earth industrial chain and research and application of IoT block chain to grow to be an international integrated company.   
   In 2016, ViaGold Rare Earth Resources Holdings Limited successfully acquired Changzhou Hailin Rare Earth Company Limited which is one of the largest private rare earth processing enterprises in China. It has 18 years of experience in rare earth processing. After more than ten years of development and growth, the production capacity of ion-type rare earth oxides has reached 3,500 tons per year. It has successively passed the certification of Quality System ISO90001, Environmental Management System ISO14001 and clean production verification.