Congratulations to Viagold International Management Group on being the candidate for the Sina 2014 Ed

The 7th Chinese Education Grand Ceremony by Sina Education Channel has grandly launched. As the main-stream media, Sina holds the ceremony, having profound influence and social appeal in the industry. In 2014, Sina continuously bears the concept of “pushing the development of education, forging the education dream of the country”, via its media strength, gathered the most excellent institutions, educators and leaders of the education industry to get back to annual educational events, sharing the annual grand event.

2014 Chinese Education Grand Ceremony, with its title of “Chinese Education on the Toe tip”, organizes industry leaders and holds high-end symposium to discuss the hottest interactive products on the internet and to comprehensively study the development direction of Chinese education in the technological time. At the early stage of the ceremony, Sina will succeed the previous selecting procedures: media appointment, netizen vote and expert review to select the most competitive educational groups and outstanding individuals as candidates for the prizes. It will show an authoritative list at the ceremony. The following is brief introduction to the appointed institutions:

The predecessor of Viagold International Education Management Group (Viagold Group) is a training center of a public institution affiliated to Zhuhai International Business and Trade Committee in 1995. In 2001, the leader changed its organization and founded a private education institution, with a history of about 20 years. Viagold Group, founded in 2010, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Viagold Capital Limited Company, and operates the main business of listed company. It is devoted to create a well-known international educational administration brand.

There are 16 branch institutions affiliated to Viagold Group: Zhuhai Zhuhai Institute of International Business and Economics, Zhuhai Gongmao Management Institute, Zhuhai Gongmao Technical School, Zhuhai Software Institute of APTECH, Viagold International Education Center, Zhuhai Zhiye Foreign Trade Training Center, Zhuhai Viagold Business and Trade Training Center, Beijing Huazhi Wuzhou International Education Institution, Jiangxi Science and Technological Institute, Singapore Portman International College, Jiangxi Jinkun Zhiye International Education Institution, Cidu Longda Zhiye Secondary Vocational School, Yangzhou Jinyang Zhiye Training School, Zhuhai Viagold Technology Co., ltd., Zhuhai Viagold Cultural Transmission Co., ltd., UIBE Distance Education HK Branch.

Viagold Group has a large number of strategic partners over the world.

It has strategic cooperation with 12 prestigious Chinese or international universities, such as Peking University, UIBE, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Anhui Finance University, Guangzhou University, Seton Hall University, Brenau University and Royal Roads University, Northumbria University, as well as 19 private education institutes, such as Guangzhou Alcanta Foreign Language Institute, Xi’an Construction Technological Institute, Jilin Russian Institute, Jiangnan Vocational Institute.

In the 12 years of development, Viagold Group insists on education thought of “teach without distinctions, love without boundaries” and the school concept of “quality, reputation and service”, creating a mode of “multi channels, multi forms, multi levels, diversified, and internationalization” to serve the society, the public and the economic construction. Up till the end of 2013, it has cultivated over 10,000 talents in six areas of higher education, vocational skills, all kinds of trainings, international education, high-end education and online education.

Viagold Group, as the bellwether of Chinese education, has created many “first”, representing the birth and growth of an industry.

1. Five “only”

the only private education institution having cultivated numerous party cadres, including 2 provincial cadres, 9 municipal ones, 123 department level cadres and 312 middle-level ones

the only education management company listed in Austrialia

The only model institution of private education for party construction, discovered and cultivated by leader group of the central party committee. Its affiliating member – IIBE submitted the materials to the central policy research office and report to the central leaders. State councilor Liu Yandong and Director of Central Organization Department – Li Yuanchao signed and approved the materials in person, and published in the party journals.

The founder of the Group – Shi Longguang is the only excellent party worker, in private education area, awarded by Guangdong Party Committee at the 90th anniversary of Party construction.

The founder of the Group – Shi Longguang is the only leader of education industry who invests, manages education, does scholar research and is invited by many domestic and overseas universities as professor.

2. Five “first” in Zhuhai private education

First quality: Excellent Schooling Institute awarded by central, Provincial and municipal government every year

First history: Zhuhai First Adult Education institution

Honored as a flag of Zhuhai Adult education by Zhuhai Education Bureau

First strength: China first education institution listed in Australia

First scale: up to now, having cultivated all kinds of talents numbered 100,000, among which 10,000 are at school

group will insist on the mission of “learning changes life, knowledge makes the future”, keeps the leading position of “brand first, quality first, history first, strength first, scale first”, engaging in realizing the beautiful dream of “the bellwether of international education, the first solider of vocational education, the pathfinder of continuing education, the integrator of educational resources”. By virtue of the platform and strength of the listed company, brings in global excellent education resources, develop overseas and domestic exchange programs to better serve Chinese private education.

Reproduced: 2014 Sina Education Grand Ceremony (Editor:user)