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Viagold Group 2015 reserved cadre training held at headquarter

    From Aug.25th to 27th, Viagold Group 2015 reserved cadre training was held at the headquarter building. This training lasted for 3 days, targeted at young workers of all the affiliated institutes, i.e. reserved excellent management talents who highly acknowledge the group mission and have certain management experience.
    On the morning of Aug.25, the training began in the grand national anthem. A big batch of youths injected vitality to the Group. At the ceremony, Director of vocational education department Qiu Shaowen made a speech. She emphasized the three concepts of the Group: on talents, on career, on integrity. If we insist on the core values, and talent construction, the Group will develop continuously.
    In the tree-day training and group discussion, Dr. Shi Longguang, Director Yang Xiaoxia and other leaders of all the affiliate institutes talked about their experiences and made wonderful speech on Group history, personal bearings, leadership and management wisdom for the reserved cadres.
    This training was concise in arrangement, rich in contents. All the participants exchanged ideas actively and had a good reflection. Especially the leaders’ speeches were very enlightening and educative. They learned a lot from their stories in the group, their spiritual road of improvement, and the development fruit of the Group. They were very clear about the future direction.
    Viagold Group always focuses on its talent cultivation to have a steady development. The success of the 2015 reserved cadre training laid a hard foundation for the cadre team construction, the talents ladder cultivation and the group development.


Viagold Group 2015 reserved cadre training held at headquarter

Director Yang Xiaoxia gave a lecture

Dr. Shi Longguang gave a lecture

Group discussion