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ZhuhaI Gongmao Technical School
Zhuhai Gongmao Technical School is a newly acknowledged technical school by Guangdong Human Resources and Social Security. A full-equipped internship factory has been built in the school. Over 10 Professional teachers have been recruited in numerical control, mould, mechanical and electronic engineering. All the teachers are business engineers, with over 15 years of working experience, possessing such vocational titles as engineers, technicians or teachers. Zhuhai Gongmao Technical School tightly attaches its teaching to the developmental need for the Pearl River Delta industry, explores a new integrated teaching model, and carries out totally immersive, extensive and practical training.
School motto: Inspiration &Refinement
School ethos: unity, diligence, practicability, innovation
Education concept: Education is service.
School-running concept: tight attachment to market, high-quality development
School-running feature: emphasize students’ manipulative ability, cultivate practical operative talents
Quality policy: enlightenment by knowledge, people-oriented, inspiration & refinement, establishment with quality, emphasis on technics, basis on market, honesty and service
Core values: proud when school thrives, ashamed when school declines; morality cultivates character, technics establish career