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Chairman’s Statement

    Dear friends,


        Welcome to ViaGOLD International Education Management Group Limited(VEG).


        Time is flying. Ten years have passed since the establishment of our first school. With the co-operation of our staffs and students, the support of leaders and partner     institutes, VEG(short for ViaGOLD International Education Management Group Limited) had successfully listed on ASX(Code:VIA) in 2010. And after the listing , VEG has     been on the pace of fast development.


        With 8 schools under management, VEG has educated more than 60 thousand students within 10 years. Our diligent, skilled, creative graduates have made great     contribution to their company as well as the society, and in return, they are rewarded with successful career. As a educationist, the well-being of our students is the     greatest comfort. Adding value to our students by enhancing their competence and self esteem through our effective, efficiency and comprehensive lifelong learning     platform has been VEG’s goal since its establishment. Thus, VEG’s fortune is closely connected with our students’future.


        Education is the future for a nation, a family and even a normal human being. We believe that receiving good education can help to shape a person’s life, inspire     him/her to strike for success in his/her career, acquire him/her to know how to love and how to nurture a family, equip him/her with the ability and responsibility to make     contribution to the country. Therefore, bringing the best education to our students has always been VEG’s prior mission. Together with the knowledge we learn from our     past experience, our enthusiasm for education and the support from the government, partner institutes and  students , VEG and all our staffs will make the best effort to     create value for our investors and provide lifelong learning opportunity to all the people in need.