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ViaGOLD International Education Management Group Limited (ViaGOLD Education) is fully owned by ViaGOLD Captial Limited, a listed company in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: VIA), and plays the major role in the business portfolios of the mother company.

It has become the first and only Australian listed company in education management field in China by now. Through ViaGOLD Education Group's wholly owned companies in China, it manages and operates vocational schools, technical colleges, continuous education institutions and training centers.

ViaGOLD Education Group was established in 2005, annual profit of the Group has grown 5 times in the last 3 years , and at the same time the reputation has been well established and recognized.

Under the leadership of our founder and chairman Dr. Shi Longguang, The officials that participated in the Group’s education programs are governing over 100 millions of population; entrepreneurs that participated in the Group’s education program are managing enterprises a total of more than RMB1,000 billion annual turnovers.